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BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing 

Beyond Quantum Healing is an inner journey into your consciousness exploring any number of experiences from past lives to future lives, parallel lives and galactic lives. You may possibly view an experience where you are an energy being - there are endless possibilities and your Higher Self will always guide you where you need to go to bring healing and clarity to any situation.


You will then connect to your Higher Self and guides in order to receive the answers to the questions you bring to the session. Here you will receive a body scan and the necessary healing to bring you into energetic balance.  Any blockages will be released and healed so that you can lead the best possible life.

BQH is a modality whereby there are no limitations within a session. Individual needs are important and other healing modalities may be incorporated such as hands-on healing, sound healing, inner child visualisations. A practitioner is able to use all the skills acquired to be as creative as the creator being that we are!

There is no limitation - this beautiful healing technique goes way beyond 'past life regression!"

It is heart- based and focuses upon a flexible, open-minded and creative approach to aid you in self healing.

Energy Exchange

3.5 - 4 hours


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