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   Opening the Heart

Dance Meditation - Sacred Dance




Dance Meditation - Sacred Dance has been developed by Friedel Kloke-Eibl and combines Sacred Geometry and Numerology in the dances and choreographies that are both a joy and passion in my life.


Ultimately the dance is the initiatory path to our own inner presence.  The beautiful music, the silence, the sacred geometry and numerology behind the dance that flows through the step pattern, the arm and hand gestures all bring us closer to who we truly are.



You don’t have to be a ‘dancer!’  All dances are carefully taught.

Dancing to sacred music encourages a sense of stillness and connection

  • no partner needed

  • soul stirring

  • experience the unity and peace of dancing in a circle 

We dance to open our hearts and to connect with Source and the Earth. The dances invite us to go within, to listen to our inner selves, to feel centred and uplifted.  

"Thou who movest the world

now movest me,

....I dance a song of silence

my steps set to cosmic music

        and guide my dance......"   

               ( Bernhard Wosien)

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