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Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing


Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing is a modality using Sacred Alchemy symbols to connect to your higher self. This sacred energy work transmutes, cleanses, and balances energies within your mind, body and soul.

Sacred Alchemy symbols are placed on the chakras, connection is made to the higher self and the angelic team to remove the negative energies found.

When the healing is complete, the higher self removes the alchemy symbols.  Whether this is after the session or later depends on the healing process. 


You are your own creator being, I'm the facilitator to aid you in deeper healing with the help of the Universal energies.


Within the energy work, we can:-

  • Transmute negative cords

  • Remove negative AI’s, entities  & energy blockages

  • Close holes/tears in the auric field

  • Send healing LoveLight to the body to help your higher self heal past or current life trauma. 

  • Expand spiritual gifts.


At the end of the session, we have a chat about your experiences during the R.A.A.H. I explain my findings & pass any information received from the higher self for you. I also send aftercare information and the recording of the session via email using We Transfer.


Sessions are on-line via Zoom and lasts from 1.5 - 2 hrs

When booking a session I shall email a short booklet "11 ways to prepare for a R.A.A.H. session."


Energy Exchange

1.5 - 2 hrs


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