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       Kairos Self Development Modules 1


Consolidation / Development Module 2


These courses are designed on several levels:


  • To give you a thorough grounding in the principles of the therapy, teaching you by practical application where to place your hands.


  • Giving you the skills necessary for you to help friends and family with simple problems.


  • Allowing you to receive the therapy so that you have first-hand experience of what happens when the principles are put into practice and at the same time furthering your own personal development. 


  • You will also learn how to use the techniques on yourself. 


  • You will be presented with a course manual that includes

      comprehensive notes for all stages of the training.


  • Training is designed for small numbers of participants so that there can be close attention by the trainer.



At the end of this course you will have completed the

first stage of Kairos training, a pre-requisite before entering the professional training programme. 

If you are a health-care professional you may use the techniques in-conjunction with your main therapy

to provide some additional assistance to your clients.



Dates for Kairos Self Development Module 1 will be emailed onto you should you wish to deepen your knowledge.


The main aim of Kairos is emotional healing:

Kairos techniques can heal the deep wounds of the Soul enabling you to connect with your heart and your true essence deep within in-order that you may be empowered and live in harmony and peace with yourself and others.

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