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Kairos Therapy Training


I WELCOME you and thank you for your interest in the Kairos Therapy

Training programme.  

The first thing to consider is have you personally experienced this

wonderful therapy yet?  

If not, I ask that you take steps to arrange this as it is a pre-requisite

of attending the first part of the training programme.

You may like to consider attending an Emotional Healing Awareness Day

- this will give you an insight into the technique of Kairos Therapy.


Preparatory Steps


Before embarking on training as a Kairos Therapist there are two preparatory steps to take.  These steps prepare the ground for you in two ways:

  • by giving you a thorough grounding in the principles of the therapy, teaching you by practical application where to place your hands 

  • by enabling you to receive the therapy so that you have first hand experience of what happens when the principles are put into practice.


  1. The first step is attending the Self Development / Empowerment Module 

  2. The second step is attendance at a Consolidation & Development Module


After these two steps have been completed, you may apply for an internship and begin the Professional Development Course.


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