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Have you noticed how life can be an emotional roller coaster?  One day you feel fine, the next you feel upset, hurt, depressed, lonely, angry or fearful?  And what do you do when these painful feelings show themselves?  Reach out for food, drink or a cigarette or turn on the TV inorder to distract you?  Bury yourself in work?  Do you point the finger'out there', blaming others?


Those closest to us seem to push our buttons most easily and we might say or think 'You made me feel', or 'I wish you were more', etc.  We want them to behave differently.  Yet the cause of these emotional patterns lie deep within ourselves, caused by events long ago that caused us hurt and pain.


When emotions are allowed to be fully experienced and expressed in a healthy way, they leave us.  But if they remain unexpressed and bottled up, they have to stay in the body.  As a result of emotional issues that are very deep or longstanding, physical symptoms can and do occur. This is the body's physical response to painful emotions within.  Our bodies 'act up' - we may feel a knot in our stomach, or our longstanding symptoms of migraines begin, perhaps our irritable bowel symptoms are activated yet again, chronic pain that no one can explain rears it's head.


To free ourselves of these painful emotions and associated physical symptoms, Kairos practitioners use a specific hands - on technique which is performed whilst you lay fully clothed on a Kairos cradle (like a sun bed).  There is no physical pressure or manipulation.  It is a safe, reliable and gentle yet profoundly deep healing process.


Distinguished by its gentle, laser-like effectiveness, Kairos Therapy is a powerful form of hands-on energetic healing which aims to transform painful experiences.  These past experiences often have the power to affect your current life. To transform them into mere memories takes away their power to hurt you, at the same time, this enables you to empower the way in which you live your life NOW.


On a deeper level, Kairos is transcendence, the sacred.  Kairos Therapy allows you to open to a journey of self-discovery.  Your deep, inner wounds are also your healers and teachers.  By accepting your own woundedness as a pre-condition for any healing that may follow, you gain compassion for yourself, your pain, your suffering.  Although at times you may feel uncomfortable as suppressed feelings rise to the surface, the transformation within is a wonderful freeing experience.


As D.H. Lawrence wrote of 'Healing':


" I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various section.

And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill.

I am ill because of wounds to the Soul, to the deep emotional self."







Kairos Therapy

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