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I wanted to say thanks for the great session we had, although I didn't get into regression to past lives, which was down to me completely, I got an incredible connection with my wife who passed a few years. This enabled me to put to bed my guilt that maybe I didn't appreciate how absolutely wonderful she was and just how much we loved eachother. This was what I actually needed. I felt a fundamental shift in our connection. Although I let her go in the session I now feel closer than ever and definitely lighter in the heart.

Ilona you are a beautiful woman who really made me feel comfortable and at peace.  Ramzy 



A couple of days ago, I had my first Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Ilona. I felt well prepared but did not know what would happen. It took me a moment to fully relax and let go and I did not know if I would be able to journey or not, but then my intuition took over and I had a wonderful and meaningful experience. 

The answers and guidance were partly through words, but also through my feelings and shifts in my energy that I experienced during and after the session. Ilona was always present, in an inquisitive but non-interfering way. I deeply appreciated her well-developed qualities as an experienced guide and facilitator.

I would work with her and this technique again.  Yannick

This was my first ever session, and I had only ever heard one other friends personal experience.

Life changing experince for me being regressed to two past lives and being guided through those lives by ilona.  Each life memory was so clear and vivid, and it was good to visit through the different ages of those lives.

After the regressions I experienced a visit from the angels in an out of body experience and received a full body cleanse.  There were a pair of hands with a beautiful waterfall of love just pouring and overflowing constantly, my body felt so light and alive.  

I had several questions answered near the end of the 3 hour session and was amazed at the accuracy of the replies.

If you get the opportunity to experience such a beautiful life changing reading, ilona is amazing.  Leita


Ilona’s subtle attention and open minded approach helped me feel comfortable enough to do the healing, which was meant for the good of all. I feel much clearer and still in mind since the healing and the resulting effect is ricocheting in my life, beautifully. THANkYOU Ilona! Amy Ek Mau

In September 2022, I was fortunate enough to receive an AURA session from Ilona.  What was particularly powerful & intriguing for me was that the things I was visualising after Ilona took me through the initial journey, were incredibly vivid which had the effect of cancelling out my doubts that I was just "making it up."  I have done a few Shamanic journeys in the past few years but this one felt & looked very different.  There were empowering messages that came through for me which were quite transformational for me at the time. I did feel pretty wiped out at the end of the session which suggested to me that I had travelled extensively.


I would highly recommend Ilona as a guide due to her patience, tenacity, commitment & dedication to helping me get to the bottom of what was trying to come through.  My mono- syllabic answers to her questions left her unfazed & Ilona continued to dig deeper with intelligent questions which helped me feel very well held by someone who was very interested in my process. Thank you again for working with me.   John

I have just finished a four hour long session of Soul Centred Quantum Healing with Ilona Weber, and the residual effect has just begun to sink in. Immediately upon waking I felt the energy surging through my body when before there was none… I feel like all my questions have helped me so much I feel like clicking my heels together in a big joyful jump! I feel my joy has returned! Thank you Ilona for your very sound and vibration that emanates through every word of love and healing, questioning me in gentle detail allowing me to see further into things that have held me back for so long … very pleased highly recommended.  A.Miller.

I had my first healing session ever with Ilona and had set my intention to surrender to the experience with no expectations and just go with the flow.

The time passed like it didn’t exist and I couldn’t believe it when 4 hours had passed.

The experiences I had were so empowering and the guidance from Ilona made it such a relaxing, safe, emotional journey for me.

What an emotionally powerful rollercoaster ride Ilona guided me through.

Words cannot describe what I felt, saw, experienced

I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be my guide. What an amazing lady. ❤   Di

I held off writing this because my condition is variable and is better in summer.However I would say that the session with Ilona has resulted in an improvement in my arthritis and fatigue.I feel great!
The session was something that I had no expectations about.It was relaxing and I felt safe.I also had a regression.I viewed it from the eyes of that person I had been and never saw the face.I heard the sounds of insects in the olive groves in the Mediterranean and saw the parchment coloured clothing I was wearing.
It felt like an experience rather than a film I was looking at.
I thank Ilona for this , I would recommend this to anyone.   June

Ilona, much love & many blessings for my Soul Centred Healing Hypnosis session 🙏

I didn't quite know what to expect for myself although a lot of info was sent which was much appreciated.

I’m not particularly a ‘visual’ person which  was a slight concern for me.  I felt held in a very safe & loving space. I was able to relax and sink into the session peacefully. I believe the session was approximately 3.5 hours which I was very surprised at. It wasn't until I returned to my car that I noticed the time.  The session went by so quickly! How wonderful to be that relaxed over that time, healing in itself!

I’m aware that the cord cutting, especially with regard to my previous partner, has helped immensely and I'm grateful for that.  To be able to let go with such love for self and the person involved is such a relief. I know whole heartedly where I am at with this situation. Clarity! Still not easy for him to let go but with time, this will happen. 

Ilona sent the recording which was so helpful to be able to revisit at home alone.

I felt confident and perfectly safe in Ilona’s presence during the session.  So good to be held in a safe space where you can let go on all levels to allow the deepest healing to take place.  Mandy


Ilona has exceptional warmth, understanding and empathy in her work. This is such a profound, from the roots up, form of healing. I've experienced, and self-delivered, many forms of healing over the years, but Ilona cuts straight through the layers to the core of it all. It's gentle yet powerful. Feeling a supreme sense of peace and compassion throughout, whilst doing one's internal 'Spring cleaning'. A few hours of revealing insights, letting~go and angelic healing from source energy. Anything is possible...highly recommend.   Cassandra

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