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SCHH - Soul Center Healing Hypnosis 

What is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis?

This amazing technique, Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H ®) was created by Laura Whitworth, who combined Past Life Regression with Quantum Healing Techniques.


Before we encounter a Past Life, much work needs to be done to remove any trauma that you may have experienced from this lifetime. You may have received emotional and/or physical trauma and as a result you may have Entity or Energetic attachments that do not allow you to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state. You then need these Entity attachments taking off, your Chakras Re-building and your Aura Re-sealing before we are able to progress into a Past Life Regression.

Laura’s Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) technique ensures that any Traumas and Entities are removed and any Energetic Adjustments are made before going into a Past Life and subsequently connecting to the Higher Self to your answer questions.

What does a session include?

Pre-session chat (1 hour)

The first hour involves talking through your questionnaire and discussing your requirements and hopes for the session. 

Hypnosis ( 2 hours) Progressive Relaxation

I shall progressively relax the body so that you are able to successfully enter the Theta Brainwave State.  


Hypnosis - Relaxation of the Mind

I then relax the mind so that you drift in to the Theta state.  (We go into this deeper state of awareness twice a day - just before we fall asleep at night and also just as we wake up in the morning.  It is from this deep awareness that guidance, answers and healing can occur.)

Entity Release & Energetic Body Rebuild/Trauma Release

With assistance of our healing teams and Archangels we check and remove any entity or energy attachments and rebuild the chakras and ensure the aura is resealed so no new entities can attach.

Past Life Regression/Multi-Dimensional Soul Travel

You will then be regressed into a Past Life or another part of your Multi-Dimensional Self. The Higher Self will naturally guide you to the most pertinent lifetime that you need to see in order to give clarity in the present lifetime.

Higher Self Questions and Healing

Once the Past Life Regression is complete, I will then bring forward your Higher Self in order to ask your questions and provide any healing that the Higher Self deems necessary.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the greater aspect of yourself that is always connected to Source and has unlimited knowledge.  Quantum healing allows you to have access to this part of yourself that holds all the answers to your questions.  You will receive a clearer understanding of situations in your life and ultimately to create change within yourself.


Energy Exchange

3.5 - 4 hours




We are now finding that many people are needing 2 sessions in order to complete all of the above.  The entity release and chakra / aura healing sometimes take the whole of the first session.

A two session bundle can be purchased for £369 - a saving of £75.

However, IF you only wish to have a session for entity release and chakra & aura healing then the usual energy exchange for a session is £222

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