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                   Kairos Therapy Training

                               Self Development / 

                         Empowerment Courses

                         Module 1    


                         emotional & physical healing


                                        NEW DATES PENDING - please contact me for further information




This 6-day intensive offers you a break-through in personal growth while you learn. 

As a pre-requisite for our certification programme in Kairos, it is designed for maximum benefit to those who seek training in energy medicine as well as those who seek a transformational therapeutic experience.


In this experiential Kairos intensive

  • you will discover the healing potential you carry in your hands

  • you will learn gentle, non-intrusive methods to enhance the natural flow of the biofield

  • you will be introduced to precision techniques for inducing profound relaxation of stress and tension

  • then you will move on to target and release bodily contractions that hold deeper layers of blocked emotion and buried trauma


Following on from these courses you will be able to use the techniques learned to help your friends and family with simple problems.  You will also learn how to use the techniques on yourself.  If you are a therapist you may use the techniques inconjunction with your main therapy to provide some additional assistance to your clients.




Internship training is required before you can take paying clients for Kairos Therapy.


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